Who We Are

Tu Casa Latina is a nonprofit organization geared toward helping immigrant women, men, and children who are victims of crimes, domestic violence, abuse and trafficking in northern Nevada.

Our Mission

Tu Casa Latina is dedicated to building a better life for women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence, trafficking, or abuse in northern Nevada. We accomplish this through direct service, education, advocacy, and community involvement

Our Vision 

A community where every person, documented or undocumented, lives in a violent free atmosphere. 

*** Start your year helping others in need. It is always a good time to be able to assist and contribute to those that need help.

As you know, Nevada consistently ranks 1st in the nation for domestic violence fatalities.  This sobering statistic, plus the estimated 20,000 undocumented residents in Washoe County, clearly calls for a systemic effort to support undocumented residents who deal with domestic violence or human trafficking.

Since 2014, Tu Casa Latina has helped over 100 women and men seek support for domestic violence, sexual assault, violent crimes and/or human trafficking.

We have also helped over 50 people on the path to becoming US citizens of which a third have submitted their paperwork to the government or have gotten their citizenships.  And we have done that for a fraction of the cost they would have to pay similar support elsewhere and without the waits for services at other community organizations.  And we will not turn away anyone for lack of ability to pay for our services. 

We fill critical gaps between the services provided by:

•  Charity organizations that want to help this community, but do not have the funding, language or cultural skills, training, or staffing to do so. 

•  Official governmental organizations that have strict requirements for their support and can be intimidating for people with immigration issues as well as cultural and language barriers.

•  Commercial operations which cannot be sensitive to the economic hardship many of these immigrants’ face while dealing with domestic violence or human trafficking.

We have three main programs to address these gaps.  First, outreach and education to make sure that these individuals know that there is support for them and to encourage organizations in touch with those individuals (law enforcement, schools, churches, and direct aid organizations) to refer them to us or other agencies for support.  Second, case review to confirm that we are able to assist the individuals and if not which agencies can provide them support so that we make the best use of our limited resources.  And third, case work where we help the individuals complete their temporary visa and/or citizenship paperwork to set them on a sustainable path for their future.  Our Board of Immigration Appeals certification means that we can support these individuals with solid knowledge of the law that impacts their situation.

We are currently funded by a STOP/SASP grant from the State of Nevada which covers 80% of our costs.  The remaining funding comes from program service fees from our clients, individual contributions and other fundraising efforts. 

We are blessed to be served by 3-4 part-time staff and a range of volunteers, including our dedicated board of five community members.

Your support can help maintain these critical programs to ensure that immigrant women and men in Northern Nevada know they have support while dealing with domestic violence or human trafficking and to ensure we can provide support sensitive to their cultural, language, and economic situation.  We can together turn around this trend and reduce domestic violence and domestic violence facilities in Nevada.

Remember, that You Can Help Save a Life and when you donate to Tu Casa Latina, 100% of funds goes to providing services, resources, and assistance to better the lives of immigrant families in northern Nevada.

Please give a gift today, and help save and change lives. ***

Our Dedicated Staff

Executive Director: Sandra Quiroz, BHS, MPA

Program Manager: Daysi Rodriguez, BSW

Outreach Coordinator: Cynthia Nuñez, BSW

Administrative Assistant: Adriana Martinez, BSW

Case Manager: Vacant

Board of Directors:

Chair: Xiomara Rodriguez 

Vice Chair: Jamie Edrosa

Treasurer: Sarah Montes

Secretary: Benjamin Albers

Members at Large: Cristal Herrera-Woodley; David M. Wolfe